Tweaking On Ubuntu

Tweaking On Ubuntulecture May be you know a lot of  tweaking applications in the Windows operating system such as Tune Up Utility, Cclenaer to speed up and clean up temporary files that are not used.

On this occasion I will share any information about some tweaking applications on Linux operating system, especially for Ubuntu and its derivatives. Here are some tweaking applications :

  1. Bleachbit This application is used to clean up temporary files, browsing history and clear debris from the package that is rarely used. Some broken softlink also dealt with this application. This application is very light in operation. To install it you just type apt-get install bleachbit  in the terminal or konsole . Or we can also look at the synaptic and ubuntu software center.Here are the screen Bleachbit  
  2. .GconfCleanerThis application is useful to clean up the configuration files that are not used. Gconf is only available for Gnome only and is specifically used for the Gnome Desktop Environment configuration only.Display GConfCleaner

3. Kleansweep
This application is similar to but Bleachbit maunpun Gconf Cleaner Qt-based  applications are often used for applications in KDE. If you install some application that uses the Qt library on your Gnome there is no harm if you try this application.Display of Kleansweep

     4.Ubuntu Tweak

Ubuntu Tweak is an application that is complete and reliable to provide some sort of functions as follows.a. Application Center: similar to the Ubuntu Software Centerb. Cleaner Package: serves to remove the packages that are not usedc. Source Center: the same as the default application Software Source on Ubuntud. Source Editor: displays the configuration file / etc / sources.list which is used to store application data repository. So we can be easier to update the software source.e. Update Manager: same just as update manager on default apps ubuntuf. Session Contro: application startup settings.f. and many more features that are provided just as replacing the login screen, splash screen, icon, desktop to configure compiz.

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